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Luxury Master Bathroom

Updated: Jan 13

Master Bathrooms are a place for serenity, it's somewhere you unwind from the long busy days of life. Many of us have realized how impactful an environment is to your overall state of being, so remodeling and cosmetically enhancing your interiors have been added as an essential investment to your homes. We decided to include details on a project that was intentionally designed for someone who wanted to be surrounded in a luxury environment without breaking the bank!


Before diving into any project, we love to get to know who you are and what your design goals are. We want to be intentional with creating relationships with you so we can make sure your lifestyle needs are met. Whether it would be for your rental property or your forever home.

1. After we gather all of the information we need, we start sourcing products based on your budget!

This Project was designed with our trade pricing using stores such as WayFair, Amazon, and Floor & Decor Tile.

2. You then are able to purchase the items yourself after you approve the design! You have access to each item through your design boards with available links. We call this your Shopping cart! (your shopping cart will look like what is displayed on the right).

3. You can track, see lead times and ship dates, as well as shipping costs without being charged from the designer for administrative costs.

The benefits of hiring a virtual interior designer:

It helps avoid costly mistakes

Saves you tons of time

Saves you money

Reduces Sourcing Overwhelm

Offers Flat Rate Fees

4. We then have our contractors start construction!

The cool thing about our company is, yes we do majority of our services virtually, however, we also offer in person consultations if that is preferred!

We are here to help & provide you with our resources to complete your designs!

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