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I may be a little biased, but personally I do not see any cons of hiring a virtual designer, as long as it suits your project. Here are my reasons for being pro e-design:

The E - Design Difference

Image by Augustine Wong


Visually See
the Space

A picture is worth 1000 words and
that is why we assemble items visually, so you can see how they relate to one another in the space before committing to purchase

Image by Augustine Wong

Luxury Design
Look at a Bud
get Price

You are only paying for my design expertise and sourcing contacts not the Admin of what a designer usually would charge from shopping, receiving, delivery, install and invoicing. I keep it simple by giving you the designer plan at a budget price.

Image by Augustine Wong

Saves You Money

Since expert shopping is my "thing" I also
know where to find the best deals and
quality product. You may spend hundreds
for that same item that I know where to
find for much less

Image by Augustine Wong


Avoids Costly Mistakes

Visually seeing the items together in a space is how you avoid costly mistakes. Too many times furnishings do not go well or are out of scale with one another etc.

Image by Augustine Wong

Saves you TONS of Time

Shopping and sourcing the right product is my jam. What Takes me 10 minutes to find would probably take you hours since I am keenly aware of products and Vendors

Image by Augustine Wong

Minimizing Sourcing Overwhelm 

There are literally thousands of vendors
online, so shopping for that right piece can be overwhelming. We got you covered and can do the time consuming sourcing for you to create a beautiful and functional room you will ADORE.

Image by Augustine Wong

Flat Rate Fees

Most e-designers charge a flat rate fee for design services so there’s no hidden fees or surprise totals at the end of the project. With traditional interior design services, you may have to pay your designer a project retainer, hourly rate, and reimburse travel expenses and any other admin costs.



Every project is different, so here’s how you can determine if e-design will work for you:​

  • You’re comfortable communicating virtually. You know how to text/email/call/video chat to communicate with your designer.

  • You don’t mind a little DIY. You can measure your space accurately, take photographs, etc.

  • You can articulate what you want your design to look/feel like, but just need someone to put it together in a way the makes sense, yet still unique.

  • You would like to save money. You’re working with a tight budget and want as much money as possible to go toward the actual design.

  • You want to get started quickly. You’d like to get your completed design in your hand sooner rather than later.


Take Your Questionnaire

By filling out your questionnaire it will help me get to know who you are as an individual and what your goals are. This is something that will help me direct you to which package best suits you and your project. After you fill out your questionnaire, schedule a call with me below so we can go over any questions you may have, what vendors I work with, and how we can proceed!
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